Our Process

1. Pre Labor approval

Once the demand of clients overseas is received. The client will provide the attestation document of the Company such as below:

  1. 1. Demand Letter
  2. 2. Power of Attorney
  3. 3. Employment Contract
  4. 4. Guarantee Letter
  5. 5. Agreement between Employer and WSI

Labour depart officers will check the documents if the document is prepared as per standard and format approved by Nepal’s Labor Ministry. If there is any deviation, then inform the administrative depart officers to inform the client overseas to amend the document.

  • Keep a record of documents received and their demand and quota assigned.
  • Managing and filing the documents to submit the file to Labour Ministry for the first permission approval.

2. Advertisement

The activity of attracting public attention to a product or business, by paid announcements in the print, broadcast, or electronic media. Once the Government of Labour Ministry approved the first permission the next step is to publish the information through the media like Television, Facebook, newspapers so that the interested candidates will approach for application.

3. Candidate interview

The interview is conducted by the representatives of the company. In this process, the interview selects the applicants to meet the requirement of the job order by the clients.

Steps involved in an interview:

  • Interested candidates after being counselled by the PR department about the company and zero cost recruitment, fills the agency application form along with their relevant document.
  • After receiving the forms from the front desk officers, we record the details mentioned in the form and provide the candidates with a token number and ask the applicant to report in time as per the token number.
  • After the clients arrive in the office, a representative will brief applicants about the company through the presentation so that the candidates are fully aware of the company.
  • The candidates will be interviewed as per the token number and will take tests prepared by the clients by their criteria for the job.
  • When the interview session is completed, the client will select the prospective candidates who are suitable for the job.
  • Next step is to publish the result of the interview on the notice board so that the candidates would get to know about their results and proceed with the next process of recruitment.
  • The rejected applicants will be filed in our database for upcoming interviews.

4. Communications

After the candidates attended the interview, they will be given the information about the selection and rejection by the representative from the company then afterwards our PR depart officer will call them and inform them to report to our office for signing of offer letter/employment contract.

5. Employment Visa

This process takes place when the employers provide our agency with the original calling visa of the workers via courier. Flight depart officer informs the workers about their visa issuance and received the original passport from the candidates which are then sent for visa stamping which takes 7 working days.

6. Orientation

While the processing of documents for the employment visa of the candidates, the candidates will attend orientation classes which are mandatory by the government of Nepal to educate them regarding the environment, rules and regulations that they need to follow in the country of destination.

Upon completion of 2 days of orientation classes, the orientation centre provides certificates to the candidates so that they have attended the orientation classes as well as their record is shown online on the DOFE system. The labour depart officer will then purchase insurance for the candidates and deposits on the welfare fund.

7. Final Labour Approval

In this process, the Labour Depart Officer checks the record of online orientation, medical, insurance and welfare funds in the DOFE system to apply for the final approval, the final labour approval can be obtained in 1 working day.

8. Travel Arrangement

In this process, Admin depart will get the confirmation of flight date with the clients through email. After receiving the confirmation from the client’s side, the reservation for the flight is checked and is made in the airline preferred by the employer or in the available airline. At the same time, the flight depart officer informs all the candidates to report to our office 2 days before the process of deployment for PCR test and receiving of travel documents.

9. Departure of Candidates

In this process, Flight departs officer informs all the candidates to report to our office premises at a specific time for the following steps:

  • Required documents are provided to the candidates for them to acknowledgement and to read and to sign.
  • Pre-departure orientation about zero cost recruitment.
  • Briefing about the company, working position, Malaysia government rules and regulations, restrictions, climates and guidance on the process of all the sections in the airport.
  • After handover all the required documents to the candidates, we arrange the transportation to the airport. Along with them, our company representative follows and instructs them to follow the instruction of the airport.
  • Departure detail is emailed to the clients so that employer could prepare accurately for the pickup of the candidates at the airport in Malaysia.

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