Policy Commitments

Wide Space International (P) Ltd.’s is committed to embedding the Responsible Recruitment Pillars and Standards listed below into our operations and supply chains.

Professional Pillars

  • At Wide Space International (P) Ltd., we embody a robust business structure, a sustainable business model, and a governance framework that aligns with legal, ethical, and sustainable practices.

  • We integrate ethical standards of recruitment and labor supply seamlessly into our operations through effective management systems, ensuring compliance and accountability at every step.

  • Our relationships with clients and recruiters are characterized by openness and transparency, fostering strategic collaboration for mutual benefit. We believe in cultivating partnerships built on trust and shared goals.

  • Central to our approach is a commitment to prioritize the well-being and satisfaction of workers. Through a worker-centered approach, we strive to ensure high levels of job satisfaction and engagement, recognizing the invaluable contribution of our workforce to our success and sustainability.

Ethical Standards

  • No Recruitment Fees: Workers are never charged any recruitment fees, and if any evidence of fee-charging is found, workers are promptly reimbursed.

  • Clear Job Offers: Job offers are transparent, ensuring that workers fully understand the nature of the work and the associated terms and conditions.

  • Data Privacy: We adhere to national laws and principles of confidentiality in the collection, storage, and processing of workers' personal data.

  • Child Labor: We strictly prohibit the use of child labor in any form.

  • Legal Eligibility: Workers must possess legal eligibility to work in the relevant country, region, and job role, meeting all necessary requirements.

  • Formal Employment: Workers are employed or engaged in formal and lawfully recognized relationships, offering regular work opportunities.

  • Fair Compensation: All workers are paid accurately and on time, in accordance with national laws and contractual agreements, including payment for all working time and entitlement to paid holidays and benefits.

  • Safe Working Conditions: We ensure that all workers operate in safe environments, and accommodation provided meets basic needs and legal standards.

  • Transport Safety: Transportation provided for workers complies with relevant national laws and safety guidelines.

  • Freedom of Association: Workers' rights to freedom of association are respected throughout the recruitment and employment process.

  • Equal Opportunity: Fair and equal opportunities are provided to all workers, without discrimination or mistreatment.

  • Protection from Mistreatment: Workers are safeguarded from mistreatment, including discrimination, harassment, and bullying.

  • Access to Remedy: Adequate remedies are accessible to all workers if they encounter any issues during recruitment and employment.

  • Job Mobility: Workers are not unreasonably restricted from pursuing employment opportunities elsewhere.

  • Termination Procedures: Contract terminations are handled responsibly, ensuring that workers receive all entitled pay and benefits.

  • Preventing Exploitation: Proactive measures are taken to minimize the risk of forced labor, trafficking, or other forms of exploitation, with appropriate responses if discovered.

  • Protection of workers : We prioritize the protection of workers from any form of mistreatment, including discrimination, harassment, and bullying, throughout their recruitment and employment journey.

  • Misconduct and Mistreatment : In the event of any misconduct or mistreatment, we ensure that appropriate remedies are readily accessible to all workers, providing avenues for reporting and addressing grievances promptly.

  • Choice of Free Employment : Workers are afforded the freedom to pursue employment opportunities with the labor user they are supplied to or connected parties without unjustified restrictions, empowering them to make informed career choices.

  • Contract Terminations : When it comes to contract terminations, we handle the process responsibly, ensuring that workers receive all outstanding pay and entitled benefits without delay or complications.

  • Mitigation of Exploitation : To mitigate the risk of exploitation, we take proactive measures to prevent forced labor, trafficking, or any other forms of hidden third-party labor exploitation during recruitment and employment. If any such instances are uncovered, we respond swiftly and decisively, implementing corrective actions to address the situation effectively.

We strictly adhere to below

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