Policy Commitments

Wide Space International (P) Ltd.’s is committed to embedding the Responsible Recruitment Pillars and Standards listed below into our operations and supply chains.

Professional Pillars

  • Wide Space International (P) Ltd.’s has a business structure, business model and governance compatible with operating legally, ethically and sustainably.

  • Ethical standards of recruitment and labour supply are embedded through effective management systems.

  • Open and transparent relationships are developed and maintained between clients and recruiters who work together strategically for mutual benefit.

  • A worker-centred approach is taken to ensure high levels of worker job satisfaction and engagement.

Ethical Standards

  • No recruitment fees or related costs are paid by workers, and where evidence of fee-charging is discovered, workers are reimbursed.

  • Job offers are clear and accurate. All workers understand both the nature of work required and the terms and conditions related to the job.

  • The collection, storage and processing of workers’ personal data accords with national law and the principles of confidentiality, proportionality and necessity.

  • No child labour is used.

  • Workers have the legal eligibility to work in the country, region and job role, and for the client, they are recruited/supplied for.

  • Workers are employed/engaged in a formal and lawfully recognised relationship appropriate to their working arrangements and they are offered regular work.

  • All workers are paid for all working time, on time, and in accordance with national law and their contract/assignment details form.

  • All workers receive the paid holiday to which they are entitled without detriment.

  • All workers receive contractual and statutory benefits to which they are entitled without detriment.

  • Workers’ employment taxes and social costs are accurately calculated and paid to the appropriate authority promptly.

  • Workers’ working time is managed and does not exceed relevant legal, ethical standards and contractual limits.

  • All workers’ work is safe.

  • Accommodation is safe, hygienic, meets resident workers’ basic needs and accords with relevant legislation.

  • Transport provided for workers is safe and accords with relevant national laws and guidance.

  • Workers’ right to freedom of association is respected during their recruitment and supply.

  • All workers receive fair and equal opportunity and treatment during their recruitment and supply.

  • Workers are protected from mistreatment at work, including discrimination, harassment and bullying during their recruitment and supply.

  • The appropriate remedy is accessible to all workers during their recruitment and supply.

  • Workers are not unreasonably restricted from taking up employment opportunities with the Labour User they are supplied to or connected party.

  • Termination of workers’ contracts is handled responsibly, with workers receiving all outstanding pay and benefits to which they are entitled.

  • Proactive steps are taken to reduce the risk of workers being subjected to forced labour, labour trafficking or other hidden third-party labour exploitation during their recruitment and (supply, with an appropriate response, should this be discovered.

We strictly adhere to below

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