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Wide Space International hosted our visit to Kathmandu and they have been fantastic hosts. Our credits are dedicated especially to Mr Ram, Madam Sulekha. We recognized their professionalism and efficiency. Well done sir.

May our partnership’s lasting and our journey together brings us prosperity in friendship.

Dearest Mr & Mrs Ram and all family of Wide Space International

It has been a pleasure to visit Kathmandu to meet everyone. Learning about Nepal and the people has indeed been an eye-opening journey. Your hospitality is beyond any I have experienced and I can only say this will pave the everlasting journey for the team.

Thank you for everything and thank you for the professionalism amidst the very warm culture and people of Nepal.

First and foremost, thank you for the warm hospitality you and your team had provided to us. We appreciated the most your kind arrangement on the schedules.

It’s our great honour to collaborate with your team here in Nepal. The source of manpower that we have had for the past 2 days was among the best talent so far in my personal point of view.

Last but not least, please continue your tremendous support towards Malaysia primarily and also build the good relation between Malaysia and Nepal.

Good Luck

Dear Mr. & Mrs Ram and all Wide Space staff,

Very nice meeting with you all and thank you for everything you all have done for us throughout our visit here in Kathmandu.

Thank you for your cooperation in helping and making our audit & training successful. Thank you for your time and effort in preparing all the documents and evidence for the audit.

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